July 30, 2015

Financial Times - Smartphones and Chinese banks hold key to EM exposure

The Financial Times briefly reviewed the MSCI EM index this week. While the index claims to be a global index of 24 countries, the reality is that China accounts for 25% of the index. Some investors pursue a passive strategy of investing in emerging markets, whereas they can be better served by researching high quality active managers focused on specific regions, such as Nile Capital Management. We have found that even a 10% allocation to an active manager’s fund can lead to substantial improvement across an otherwise passively managed portfolio. To us, this again highlights need for investors to move beyond passive investment management when considering emerging markets and to research high quality, regionally-focused active investment managers. For more on the article from The Financial Times, please click on this link, Smartphones and Chinese banks hold key to EM exposure , and for more on our funds, please visit our website Nile Funds and send us an email.

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