February 2, 2015

CNN: Violence slams Nigerian economy

Violence slams Nigerian economy - CNN Video
Larry Seruma, Managing Principal at Nile Capital Management, spoke to CNN about the upcoming elections in Nigeria and Boko Haram. The interview covered topics such as the strengthening electoral process in Nigeria, the close presidential race and the international response to Boko Haram. In terms of the latter, recent strides have been taken to combat the Islamist insurgency. Chadian forces recently captured a Nigerian border town from Boko Haram as African leaders work to strengthen a Multinational Joint Task Force aimed against the militants. Forces from Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Benin and Chad will comprise the bulk of a 7,500 man force. The mission is awaiting approval from the United Nations. Although violence has escalated in recent months, the situation appears to be improving. To read more on the matter click through the following article: Bloomberg - Africa Seeks Boko Haram Fighting Force.

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