May 14, 2014

IBM Bullish on Africa

Yesterday, CNBC's David Faber sat down with IBM Chairman & CEO Virginia Rometty to ask, in part, about the company's strategy for growth in the coming years. One key strategic focus that Rometty unmistakenly emphasized is the company's firm belief in the economic future of the continent of Africa and IBM's determination to participate in Africa's long-term growth. Said Rometty, "This decade approaching us is going to be the time that you're going to see Africa as the next frontier...boy, I am bullish on the long term. And today, we sit in almost 24 -- not almost -- we sit in 24 countries. Started in four, went to eight, and all the way up to 24 countires. We are across Africa today."
Click on the above video to hear IBM Chairman and CEO Rometty's comments on IBM's future in Africa (beginning at the 1:41 minute mark, ending at 2:24).

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