March 14, 2013

FT coverage: Ascendant Africa

Africa, Inc. | Frontier Market Invesments

"There have been false dawns before but sub-Saharan Africa appears to be at a genuine turning point, with the business landscape being transformed by pan-African multinationals, the spread of mobile and foreign investment." - The Financial Times

Today marks Day 4 of The Financial Time's six-part series, Africa, Inc. So far, they have covered mobile money, cheaper cleaner energy, GE's ambitions in Africa, China's intentions, foreign investor interest, the sales of luxury goods in Lagos, and developments in Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda, and more. The breadth, depth, and critical balance of the reporting is exemplary.
For anyone interested in the investment potential of the Pan-African markets, this series should prove to be most informative. Be sure to read Zambian economist Dambisa Moyo's contribution: Hunt for Alpha Leads to Africa.
('sounds a lot like our whitepaper The Hunt for Alpha in the Frontier, doesn't it? If you'd like a copy, send us an email at, we would be happy to hear from you.) 

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