March 12, 2013

Africa is Essential to GE's Future

GE Investing in Africa
In his recent annual letter to shareholdersGeneral Electric's Chairman & CEO, Jeffrey Immelt writes: "I recently returned from Sub-Saharan Africa, a region that was “off the radar” when I became CEO. Today, we are at a $3 billion annual run rate, and that could double in the next few years. GE could have “$1 billion Franchises” in Nigeria, South Africa, Mozambique and Angola. We are investing in capability and people. There are very few American companies in the region. But we could sell more gas turbines in Africa than in the U.S. in the next few years."
Immelt goes on to state that Africa is "essential" to GE's future.
Click through to read Immelt's letter for yourself and learn more about GE's commitment to be a leader in Africa.

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