February 14, 2011

New Consumer Preferences Mark Rise of Middle Class

The Wall Street Journal today profiled the growth of Zambeef Products, a meat and produce company which has been growing substantially on the wake of Africa's rising consumer class. The article notes that as the middle class in Africa grows, so too will the demand for goods and services that cater to their needs. Zambeef offers clean packaged products which compete with open-air markets, and has found that consumers are frequently willing to trade up in price for better quality beef. The article also notes that corruption and infrastructure remain challenging, with the firm often taking power generation into its own hands. The firm also mentioned plans to invest $8MN in Nigeria over the next eight years, on top of the $2MN it has already put into the country. Already the company earns over $90,000 per week in the Nigerian market. For more information about investing in Africa, please contact Nile Capital Management at (646)367-2820 or info@nilecapital.com

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