February 15, 2011

China Wins $1.2BN Contract to Build Airport in Sudan

According to a Reuters article found here, a subsidiary of the Chinese Communications Construction Company has won a contract to build a new airport in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. The contract, which is worth approximately $1.2BN highlights the link between China and Sudan, who has in recent years faced sanctions from much of the world as a result of its human rights practices. The country, which voted in a referendum to split into two independent nations this summer, is a major exporter of oil to China (its sixth largest source of imports in 2010). China has noted that it hopes to maintain its relationship with governments in both the North and the South following the official split. For previous posts regarding Sudan's split, see here and here. For more information about investing in Africa, please contact Nile Capital Management at (646)367-2820 or info@nilecapital.com

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