December 5, 2014

MarketWatch: You aren’t investing in Africa — and you’re missing out

Not Investing in Africa?
Bloomberg - Cosmo City, a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa and a stronghold of the continent’s growing middle class.

LONDON (MarketWatch) — If a financial adviser offered her clients a chance to invest in a country that expected economic growth of 6% or 7% a year for the next two decades, chances are the clients would jump at the prospect. But once they found out that country was in sub-Saharan Africa, chances are a lot of them would lose their nerve. David Snowball, publisher of the Mutual Fund Observer newsletter, says the two best Africa-focused funds are winning  “by consistently hitting singles and working hard not to strike out, rather than for seeking the highest possible gains.” Click through the following link to read the full article: You aren’t investing in Africa — and you’re missing out

Africa GDP Growth Rates Comparison

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