March 7, 2014

from The Africa Report: Africa in 2064 -- an Afrocentric future

Illustration by Emeric Therund
Africa in 50 Years? | Africa Investing

"With an African tech boom amidst continental unity and a meltdown in Europe, Stephan Chan, Professor of International Relations, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, imagines that Africa could be like in 50 years."

"It is 2064 and the sun shines over the Mediterranean. African Union drones fly in the blue skies and automatically drop life buoys onto the waters below, where Greek workers, fleeing a country of unemployment and financial meltdown – the fifth Greek default on its loans since 2012, with no further bailout in sight – struggle to stay afloat after their boat sank into the lifeless sea."

"The European part of the West is finished.  The United States has returned to splendid isolation, and Africa is the new great star of global capital and international relations..."

For more of Professor Chan's vision click through this link to read "Africa in 2064 - an Afrocentric future."

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