May 2, 2012

New York Times Highlights Looking to Frontier Markets for 'Next Big Thing'

A recent article in the New York Times ("Looking to Frontier Markets for Next Big Thing in Investing") has once again highlighted the opportunity which investors are noticing for investing in frontier markets in general, and Africa in particular.  The article notes that:

"The difficulty with investing in the next big thing is that it is often not recognized as that until after it has become a current or former big thing. Before its arrival, it tends to be seen only as a crazy, risky thing or nothing at all."

But also points out that:

"the case for the region and frontier markets elsewhere is precisely that they have just set out on the path to economic and social progress and still have a long way to go. That is the same journey made by the big emerging economies of today. It’s barely four decades since Chinese farms were decollectivized, for instance, and less than two decades since Brazilian inflation was running at more than 40 percent a month."

In addition, the article highlights the three themes which Nile Capital Management's team focuses on, noting that: 

"Whenever other investors decide to join them, there are three themes that fund managers expect to drive returns for years to come: growth of a middle-class consumer society, with all the products and services that are its trappings; production and export of natural resources; and development of infrastructure, including the transportation and communication networks required for the success of companies involved in the other two themes."

We would encourage you to read the article, which again can be found here.

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